Turn Of The Screw

Turn Of The Screw

by Henry James

Adapted by Tim Luscombe

Directed by Daniel Buckroyd
Designed by Sara Perks
Sound by John Chambers
Produced by Dermot McLaughlin Productions

Pics © Tom Grace

“….David W. Kidd’s lighting is genuinely exciting, at times evocative of German Expressionism.”
Anna Rose James – Arts York

“David W Kidd’s foreboding lighting is another central source of the gothic foundations of the piece and John Chambers’ Sound Design offers all the intense auditory trappings of a story like this.”
Always Time For Theatre

“The off kilter set design (Sara Perks) creates its own spooky atmospheres as it works in co-operation with David W Kidd’s excellent lighting design and John Chambers’ spot on electrifying sound design that helps to give us the shivers and more than a few jumpy moments throughout.”
Philip Lowe – East Midlands Theatre

“…the distorted set paired with the absolutely outstanding use of lighting gave pace and depth to the play that was truly incredible and not to be missed.”
Grace Bourke – London Theatre Reviews

“The re-imagining of this much loved story with its superb lighting and sound is heavy on the thrills and chills.”
Sally Wilson – Small City Big Personality, Perth

“Sarah Perks’ set combines wonderfully with David W. Kidd’s lighting effects and John Chambers’ interesting, inventive and pleasing sound-scapes in creating an ongoing uneasy eeriness. At times this can be subtly soothing, only then to be suddenly punctuated by unexpected alarm. Fine combinations of sudden flashes with brittle snaps and cracks, of shadows and scary lighting, silhouettes and striking apparitions work to great effect without being forced.”
Eileen Caiger Gray – Mature Times